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Linkbee - Make Money For Sharing your Links

Earn up to $ 2.00 for 1000 views. Just transform your normal links into linkbee-links and make money. It’s FREE.

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Rate for 1000 views: $ 2.00 (US/UK) —-> Detailed Payout Rates

PayPal: YES

Balance for Payout: $ 15.00 (Payout takes up to 4 weeks)


Linking Options

LinkBee currently offers three different linking mechanisms. Two options will allow you to earn revenues with your links; Interstitial Ads or Top Frame Banner Ads. An interstitial acts as a brief commercial between the transition of your link and will earn you top dollar. The top frame banner is less intrusive and will display a banner at the top of the destinations page, earning you less then the interstitial. We also provide a standard short URL linking service with no advertisements, but this will not allow you to earn any revenues.

How much can YOU make?

No Limit. The more links you create, the more traffic and users that click on those links, the more money you make. You can even make money on referring your friends, up to 5 levels! LinkBee provides the industry leading payouts with a whopping 50% revenue share on your created links!

When do we payout?

LinkBee sends payout on a NET 30 day basis. For example, if you earn $500 in June, payments will be processed and sent on July 30th, 30 days after the months end. If the 30th day lands on a weekend or holiday, the payment will be processed on the following business day. In order to qualify for payment, you must reach a minimum balance of $15, if you are under this amount your balance will carry forward to the next month.

How do I get paid?

Users have three options for payment. Paypal, Epassporte and Cheque. All cheque payments have a $25 processing fee.

How do I refer friends?

Login to your account.
You will see the linking code that you need to send to your friends. Once they register after clicking on your code, you will make money on them for their lifetime usage! Also remember to place the referral link on your forum signature, myspace page, blog, or anywhere else you feel that you can get users under your account!

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